Who is Lawn Poolice?

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We’re so much more than just pooper scoopers.

– We’re time savers. (We scoop. Not you.)
– We’re therapists. (We save marriages! No more fighting over who’s scooping this week.)
– We’re exterminators. (Poop attracts insects.)
– We’re doctor-esque. (Pet waste is full of disease causing bacteria and viruses.)
– We’re environmentalists. (Poop pollutes our drinking water supply.)

Our mission is to create magic

After coming home from a long days work, the last thing you want to do is pick up dog poop.

Imagine arriving home to a fresh, poop free lawn.

Put down that pooper scooper. The work is already done.

All without you lifting a finger. 

No stress.


It’s amazing how such a simple service could greatly improve ones life. 

Thank you for visiting Lawn Poolice. We’re happy to have you. 

Wish to start service and say goodbye to that pooper scooper for good?


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